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Character Specific Macro Support
Feature #: 4627
File: Altoholic
Date: 11-30-12 04:54 PM
By: ParamountFeralDruid
Status: Under Review
Hey! I love this mod and appreciate all the work that's been done on it :D Thank you.

I have noticed that the lack of support concerning character specific macros seems to be the only information that requires me to log on and off of my alts when I need to access them. I feel that integrating an option somewhere on the individual character screen to track these, similar to how we access the quest log perhaps, could prove to be quite useful.

If you decide to store and display character specific macros in Altoholic, I would very much love to see a feature allowing the user to copy and paste the text directly from Altoholic. The ability to outright duplicate a macro seems beneficial as well. The ultimate implication of macro support as I envision it would be the ability to directly send and receive finished, drag-and-drop user ready macros with other players using Altoholic.

I'm afraid as I have no working knowledge regarding lines of code, how they're written or the precise functions they may or may not be capable of, I'm not sure how easily any of that can be done if at all. Regardless the feature I felt was worth mentioning since over 4 years of raiding multiple toons has resulted in a great number of macros spread all across my account with little if any organization. I'm guessing I'm not alone in that department either lol.

Thank you for your time.