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Feature #: 4656
File: Altoholic
Date: 05-26-13 02:30 AM
By: Tequima
Status: Under Review
I know there are separate add-ons that do this, but it would be very helpful if there was a grid in Altoholic that we could look up for Galleon, Sha etc

Perhaps build in also someone else's suggestion on tracking LfR lockouts?

Many thanks for this wonderful add-on.

PS would also support another's suggestion to be able to set a manual filter level for colouring learnt profession patterns at the AH & Vendors. I have 4 alts on the same realm with leatherworking, but only 2 of these are maxxed, one is a rarely played other faction & one is now my banker, meaning I have to manually scan for not-known. For reference, I use TSM and Auctioneer as well as altoholic (it's a shame these don't share the same databases).