SCT 4.11 has been released. The main changes are:

- Added your overhealing as an option.
- Added "all power gains" as an option. Very spammy!
- Added FPS mode as an option. Makes SCT work better on slow machines or laggy areas.
- Added various new damage/power events (drains, reflected damage, etc..)
- Added CTMod support
- Changed underlying option format for better saving size. Reset your options if you are seeing strange stuff from this.
- Added enter/leave world event optimization
- Added Spanish support
- Various minor bug fixes and tweaks.

As always, please us the Bug Report link to post errors you encounter AFTER you have tried reseting your options.

PVPNoSpam 1.1 has also been released.

I mainly just made it work in 1.10, fixed the "SelfCast" bug, and removed the saving of its state to make it cleaner.