SCT/D will have a minor release soon consisting of mainly bug fixes and minor tweaks. After that I will be redesigning the option pages and finally including the in-game custom event editor. Changes over the next few weeks will be:

- Remove PvP option from SCTD (it breaks way too easily). SCTD will still work in PvP, it just won't automatically turn off during PvP.
- Add Buff counts
- Tune up event file so more commonly requested events are there
- Redesign option pages
- Add in game custom event editor

In other news, I'm about to release a new mod I have been working on for a few weeks now called EavesDrop. This mod is basically a simplified combat log that displays events in a manner similar to SCT/D. It bascially gives you a historical view of what SCT/D shows, along with showing spell icons for each event. You can then easily look back and see how a fight went, seeing both the damage you did and the damage done to you. Below is a beta screenshot to give you a better idea. Expect a release by this weekend if not sooner.