01-05-07 11:36 AM by: Grayhoof
These actually came out a couple weeks ago, but forgot to post the news

SCT 5.3b
- Fixed color change saves.
SCT 5.3
- Made spell colors editable.
- Added interruption events.
- Added killing blow events.
- Added Rampage Notification (not 100% prefect, but works most of the time).
- Cleaned up crit overlapping more.
- Fixed custom event sorting/parsing issues.
- Made heal filter based on total amount actually healed (so overhealing spam can be removed).
- Removed compost lib.
- Added SpecialEvents-Aura lib (will do more in future with it).

SCT 2.21
- Added Interruption Events.
- Spell colors now inherit colors set by SCT's settings.