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Error Loading SCT Options. It may be disabled.
Bug #: 1461
File: Scrolling Combat Text
Date: 06-21-06 01:48 AM
By: Finkrat
Status: Not a Bug
What does this error message mean and how do I fix it? Please help. If it invoves resetting ym config, how do I do this? This error happens when I type /sct

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By: Grayhoof - 06-21-06 07:17 AM
You did not correctly extract the new sct_options folder. You should have both a sct and sct_options folder in your addons folder
By: BugRoger2 - 06-21-06 04:39 PM
I have the same problem. Both for SCT and SCTD. I have 4.13 and 1.1. Both options folders can be found under ../addons/sct_options
By: BIAW2 - 06-21-06 05:44 PM
On the contrary, the sct and sct_options folders both exist in the addons folder. The message is still displayed. What now?
By: Grayhoof - 06-21-06 06:13 PM
You installed them while in game or they are disabled.
By: BIAW2 - 06-21-06 08:01 PM
I never install mods with the game loaded. The mod is enable in the addons menu, and it produces the same error even with all other mods disabled. It is NOT an issue with how I installed it. Please stop telling me it is.
By: Grayhoof - 06-21-06 08:09 PM
Not sure I can help you then. You are getting the message because the game is trying to load the sct_options mod and it can't for whatever reason. The only reason that would happen is if it is not installed correctly or disabled.
By: Mrfreddan - 03-20-12 07:31 AM
I got the same problem..