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Druid combo pionts
Bug #: 4926
File: Scrolling Combat Text
Date: 10-20-08 01:16 AM
By: Botixete
Status: Unconfirmed
Only to mention that the bug with the report of combo points also happens with my druid.

I have tested with 2 accounts in different computers.

All the addons that show the combo points must be updated to use the correct syntax of the new GetComboPionts function:
Old -> set_cp = GetComboPoints()
New -> set_cp = GetComboPionts("unit" [, "target"])

I don't know if this helps but the last version of Aloft is working fine showing Combo Points (and I have verified that is using the new function).

Thanks and sorry for my english ;(

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By: Grayhoof - 10-20-08 05:46 PM
If you update to latest version this should be working already.