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Battle, Stance, Buff etc alert not working correctly.
Bug #: 4944
File: Scrolling Combat Text
Date: 10-20-08 02:41 PM
By: Mardleseyth
Status: Not a Bug

I get this error when basically anything happens..

Eg. I click on my stealth button to go stealth and it says the following both on the top of my screen and in my combat text log.

|Hunit:0x0000000000FB15C1:Elranseyth| >Elranseyth< gains |Hunit:0x0000000000FB15C1:Elranseyth| >Elranseyth<'s Stealth.

I saw on the following http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/scrolling-combat-text.aspx down in the comments section that another guy had a similar issue.

He then replied back saying "thanks for fixing the issue"
It's like.. HOW was the issue fixed?


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By: Grayhoof - 10-20-08 05:46 PM
That is not SCT, not sure what it is.