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Custom Events via SCT options doesn't save
Bug #: 5347
File: Scrolling Combat Text
Date: 01-10-09 05:47 AM
By: Plutokiss
Status: Unconfirmed
I am using the german Version of WoW and SCT is working fine. The Custom Events are working, too, since I have edited them for the german client, but now i have recognized, that they weren't been saved.
When i edit or create a custom event it is working fine for the session i am playing, but when i exit wow and log in later, all settings have been forgotten.
I am using sct_options to edit the events. I haven't found a thread or bug report about this issue, so i am posting this one.
I have allready checked the .lua files, whether they are write-protected but none is.


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By: Plutokiss - 01-11-09 09:05 AM
Today i have tested this issue a little more and i have to admit i can not reproduce this behavior. I know that this happened to me twice but actually i do not know how it happened to me. I have checked if it happens if i load sct with a new char that has never loaded it, but even this was not the case.
I will watch for this misbehavior and when it happens again i hope i have more information about it. Untill then i think this is fixed.

Sorry for the trouble