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"Disable WoW Healing" not working.
Bug #: 7354
File: Scrolling Combat Text
Date: 03-17-11 10:38 AM
By: Matl1
Status: Unconfirmed
Hey, I have the option "Disable WoW Healing" checked, but the healing still shows up right on my screen. I hate this, because I made SCT show my healing on the left side of my screen, so now two healings are displayed: SCT's healing on the left side of my screen and WoW's healing right in the middle. The only way for me to remove WoW's healing messages is to disable "My Floating Combat Text" in the interface options, but disabling this also disables the message for entering and leaving combat, and I really like that message. Can you fix the "Disable WoW Healing"? Or add a entering and leaving combat message to SCT?

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By: Vanq - 12-27-11 08:01 AM
Lol. I have the same problem, just the other way around. I cant keep wow healing turned on, wich is what I prefer.
By: Vanq - 12-27-11 08:05 AM
Oh, I just found something, maybe:

in the WTF/Account/NAME/SavedVariables/sct.lua there is a line in each profile:
["WOWHEAL"] = false,

I wonder why that is set to false for me, I know I switched it on. So I'll try to manually change this setting once I get to play this evening. Maybe you can, too.