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Feature #: 2783
File: Proximo
Date: 06-04-08 03:54 PM
By: Avabeeronme
Status: Under Review
Hi Greyhoof,

Would love for a PvE version of this to be created, where it creates targets of the Next pull. If you find the time, it would really be helpful if it showed their health, your DoTs (no others, useful for locks), and marks (star, skull) etc etc.

To Create the list, maybe a "Force List" button like "hold shift and mouseover the mobs" and/or "all marked (skull, triangle etc) mobs on the list"

I'm really sick of using blizzards tab targeting,wasting precious targetting time tabbing to the right target or trying to get the mouse on the right mob, and can't find any addon that does anything like this. (by the way, keep up the great work with Eavesdrop, I love it!)


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By: mithralsmith - 07-20-08 04:31 PM
I love Proximo and our arean teams alway use it. I've started raiding and agree with Avabeeronme. It would very handy for PVE.