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A Unique Sword Event
Feature #: 2788
File: Scrolling Combat Text
Date: 06-09-08 05:20 PM
By: kdjayo
Status: Under Review
It has been asked for time and time again, and there is ZERO information about it anywhere I can find on the internet.

Version 6.1 has a custom event option in the GUI now under /sct menu.

I have added many successful custom events.

However I cannot get the rogues Sword Spec proc to show up, and it doesnt show up already so I dont know why it says its already included.

Under the combat log it says "Charactername cast Sword Specialization"
So under the custom event I have tried putting "Sword" "Sword Spec" Sword Specialization"

I remember it used to say an extra attack as well so I tried

"Extra" "Extra Attack"

nothing works.

Please help :(

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By: Grayhoof - 06-09-08 07:57 PM
Currently SCT is not tracking cast custom events. You can get sword spec to show up by turning on "Active Skills" under events, but a custom event is probably not currently possible until next release.