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Option to *Ignore* specific spells
Feature #: 2789
File: Scrolling Combat Text
Date: 06-10-08 06:38 PM
By: toz
Status: Feature already added
so i just got my Crusade care (hooray!) but it totally spams the living crap out of my dear dear sct. I would like to be able to enter specific name names to ignore style list that would block such spells. I believe "dottimer" used a similar feature to avoid it tracking every single spell you cast, something like that would be a welcome addition imho.

Thanks :)

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By: Grayhoof - 06-10-08 08:53 PM
Give more details about this skill. There are already tons of ways in SCT to do what you want.
By: toz - 06-11-08 12:29 AM
my specific problem is with Darkmoon Card: Crusade -> http://thottbot.com/i31856

everytime i melee attack or cast a spell i gain a new buff, stacking on the ones previous, each new stack in recorded in my SCT Message frame. there are two seperate buffs, one for the AP bonus and one for the Spell DMG bonus both are named " Aura of the Crusader"

Basically, if im in combat, i see this

Aura of the Crusader3
Aura of the Crusader4
Aura of the Crusader1
Aura of the Crusader5
Aura of the Crusader6
Aura of the Crusader2

i know i could simply disable buffs in general in my SCT events option window but then id lose all buff messages, and that is not desirable.

ps- apologies for my lack of explanation
By: toz - 06-27-08 06:36 PM
well if its definatly doable with the current SCT, would you mind atleast pointing me in the right direction? ive been over every option menu with a fine tooth comb and cant find something to disable reporting a specific spell. do i need to setup a custom event? if so how can i set it to hide the spell rather then just report it all fancy like?
By: Grayhoof - 06-27-08 08:37 PM
I believe all you need to do is create an aura custom event, set Player as the source, put Aura of the Crusader in the search box, and then leave the display box blank. This will make it trigger a blank event, suppressing the one you don't like.