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Feature #: 3071
File: Scrolling Combat Text
Date: 10-31-08 06:14 AM
By: Schlag
Status: Under Review
Good work on the addon, I love it, thanks for updating it. This is my suggestion:

I've been trying to customize event alerts by my own but I can't get it working correctly. As a warrior, I'm trying the new Glyph of Overpower to avoid dpsing from behind. The problem is that the skill Overpower is no longer the same, since it can occur not only when the target dodges my attack, but it now has 50% chance to be available when they parry. So the custom even already done by you does not work, since it pops us the Overpower! when a target dodges. Besides that, I also would like to know how can I change this event message to pop whenever the skill is ready, and in any stance. Not when they dodge, when it's ready. I think it has something to do with SPELL_ACTIVE. Blizzard's built-in combat text recognizes this, but only in Battle Stance.
I could manage to make Teste for Blood (talent that allows the use of Overpower caused by a rend tick) procs and event.
However, I'd like to make it so, that SCT has an event popup when MY Rend ability runs out (debuff expires on my target). This can be partially done via the SCT Custom Events, but it will popup everytime a Rend ability comes to an end on my target, not everytime my Rend runs out. If several warriors are dpsing, this event will be poping very frequently.

All these would help having a good dps rotation.

Thanks for reading, I hope this post will help understand what warriors could find useful.

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By: Schlag - 11-01-08 10:26 PM