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"Hot Streak" notification
Feature #: 3280
File: Scrolling Combat Text
Date: 02-02-09 04:53 AM
By: Naturalius
Status: Under Review
Mages with a certain spec are able to proc a "Hot Streak" buff which enables them to cast an instant pyroblast.
Would it be possible to get a notification like "Overpower" when this and similar buffs proc (I believe there are ones for Missile Barrage, Brain Freeze and Fingers of Frost, although I'm not specced the right way to tell).


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By: cca220v - 08-05-09 10:10 AM
Yes, i am here to suggest just something like that ... a buffevent that will keep a text blinking (or just stay there) for the duration of the buff.
Somethink like: "you gain xxx" starts the text - and "xxx fades" or death (or logout,hmmm...) hides the text.