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Sound Browser, Sound Test
Feature #: 3894
File: Scrolling Combat Text
Date: 11-10-09 12:07 AM
By: Beachcomber1
Status: Under Review
One of the most troublesome parts of SCT for me is linking a sound file. I end up referencing Blizzard documents and testing them in the chat window via a script command, and then find that they don't work when placed in SCT.

There really needs to be:

1. A sound browser to choose sounds from the built-in sound files
2. A test button that will test the sound.

I keep trying to add sounds and then wait for the event to happen. I see the scrolling animation, but no sound. I look in a Blizzard sounds reference and can rarely find why it's not working.

I've also got a sound for Kill Shot that works in other abilities but doesn't proc for Kill Shot. It's driving me mad! I need a way to find and test sounds please.