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Custom Events - "Self Only Debuffs" for "Aura Fades"
Feature #: 4257
File: Scrolling Combat Text
Date: 10-22-10 08:56 PM
By: jtchen85
Status: Under Review

I've recently been using SCT to track when certain debuffs fall off and it's been working great. My only problem is when there are, say, 2 warlocks in the group and I'm trying to track my Immolate or such. When the other warlock's Immolate falls off, I also get a message indicating that Immolate has fallen off, and it's kind of annoying :( I was hoping you could add a "Self Only" feature for this?

I noticed that, under custom events, "Aura Gains" has the option for "Self Only Debuffs" but there is no such option for "Aura Fades" - is there any chance this could be implemented? Sometimes I tunnel vision and forget to put up Bane of Doom after it falls off, and it'd be great if I could use SCT to remind me (but only if it's *my* Bane of Doom!)!

Thanks, keep up the great work!