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higher filter and short numbers
Feature #: 4606
File: EavesDrop
Date: 10-15-12 01:50 PM
By: Osborn
Status: Under Review
Hello Grayhoof,

thank you for this addon, its great. Can you please make it possible to set the dmg and heal filter higher than 2k? I think its better without slider, just a textbox is enough. Any fixed maximum value for filter maybe doesnt scale with future expansions of wow. A percent of player hp filter is also nice. If i can set filter to 10% player hp and anything under 10% will not shown.

A second wish is to get the numbers shorter, examples:

1245 -> 1 k
15487 -> 15 k
654875 -> 654 k
2154875 -> 2 m

A last and not so important suggestion is to make it possible to switch between effective and overall dmg or heal, examples what to show, if 1k dmg done, 2k absorbed:

1k (2k)

Thank you very much for this great addon, greetings