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Scrolling Combat Text
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
4976 Hi I got an error every time I open Wow and the sct is not working 10-22-08 10:16 AM retl87 Unconfirmed None.
5008 sct_events error 10-24-08 11:12 PM dmmatheny Unconfirmed None.
5184 Bug? Showing stackable buff counts in custom events 11-19-08 08:18 PM Goilveig Unconfirmed None.
5197 SCT not showing Extra Attacks 11-22-08 11:28 PM diablo333911 Unconfirmed None.
5347 Custom Events via SCT options doesn't save 01-10-09 05:47 AM Plutokiss Unconfirmed
By: Plutokiss
01-11-09 09:05 AM
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
4982 Health Bars Do Not Work. 10-22-08 02:30 PM Idion Confirmed (Working on Fix) None.
5013 Health bar not showing correctly (idea about why) 10-25-08 02:38 PM Fastok Confirmed (Working on Fix) None.
5238 HP Doesnt Change. Again. 12-04-08 04:05 PM Idion Unconfirmed None.
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
5059 Bloodthirsty Bug? 10-29-08 05:12 PM Syleynnia Unconfirmed None.
5315 Report error 12-30-08 11:51 AM Boris Unconfirmed None.