07-09-09 04:28 PM by: EVmaker
Well with the very nice change to the API to check if an area is flyable in 3.2, and some helpful tips from others, the next UE version that will be released for 3.2 (as it'd cause some problems with the current version of WoW, since all of Dalaran is classified as flyable according to the API) not only will UE be able to drop the "ZonesLib" list of zones, but it should no longer need *any* localization for the smart mounting feature. It'll be able to tell what continent your on, and if you have cold weather or not, without needing to be localized, and without any potential zone spelling errors on my part (again sorry for that).

So what does this mean to you? It should be pretty much seamless, except that the size of the mod will be a fair bit smaller (alot simplified canfly checking, and no zoneslib), and for those with localizations besides english and russian (thanks again Chiffa) should be able to use smart mounting just fine.