07-23-09 08:13 PM by: EVmaker
Sometime in the next couple days I'll be releasing the next version of the above three mods.

EasyShards will probably be today, and will essentially just be adding an LDB Displayer, and a counter to the minimap button (so you can see how many shards you have by looking at the minimap button, will add it to the LDB displayer later), as well as the option in the menu to set the color of the counter; also optimized the code a bit but the user won't likely notice a difference.

UE will basically be an update to include any of the 3.1 mounts I may have missed, as well as adding in the 3.2 ones. It will however include the 3.2 compatibility changes, so will be fully ready for when 3.2 releases; that said, it will have issues with smart-mounting in Dalaran, as the current API in 3.1 lists the majority of the city as 'is flyable', so please keep that in mind (may want to just wait till 3.2 releases, or grab it in preparation). For more specifics please read the last news post where I list some of the nice changes UE makes use of with 3.2.

XPGain is another 3.2 compatibility release, with a little optimization, and hopefully the fixing of the rare bug which causes the partyexp feature to list the wrong experience for other party members.

Looter as before, is ready for release, but I will not release that until either after 3.2, or when I know for certain 3.2 is coming out (like the monday before the release) as it does break it for 3.1, as it makes use of some of the great new API changes in 3.2.