09-05-09 02:53 AM by: EVmaker
Yes I have a habit of either finding a certain thing that I or those in my group would find very useful, that either doesn't have a mod for it, or does but that mod is no longer maintained and thus write my own mod for the purpose.

In this case, it is a mod which records the item link for your professions as you open them, so that you can view your profession as is it is when you opened the window on any other character of yours that run the mod. It's simple little mod that I personally find very useful, and saves the "Oh soandso, what glyphs can you make for <insert class here>" with the inevitable "ugh, let me switch and link it" type scenario.

The mod is pretty much done already, but seeing as how late it is I am going to get some sleep, and finish it up and release it after I wake up. And I will as always continue to maintain it and possibly add more features as time goes on.

As may be noticed, the mod has been released and is called Skills Pay The Bills (SkillsPayBills for short). Shortly I will be releasing the next version which has functional multi-realm support, only the characters from the same realm you are on will show in the list of available character's profession links. You can view characters profession links on the same realm just fine, those on other realms will display "character is from a different realm". Characters with the same name on multiple realms won't have any issue. I also cleaned up how it displays things a fair bit.

For the next version when I get it out, will be the ability to view the profession links of characters from a different realm then the current with a different slash command.