10-26-09 08:05 PM by: EVmaker
I'm going through and making sure to finish projects that I've had flagged as currently working on and getting new versions out in preparation for any 3.3 changes that may need to be made.

First out will be UE sometime before the end of the day that will include /ue setground or setflyer being able to be set to use regular ground or flyers as preferred mounts, as well as giving it the spell ID of the mount if you happen to know that instead; secondly is the leader list only, being able to be whispered with needloot, greedloot, or passloot, in order to have it need, greed, or pass on all currently being rolled on loot (potentially really helpful for those that multi-box, or have an afk friend and just whisper them to greed/pass or need on the loot, again only if the option is turned on, and the whisperer is on the others leader list (friends or guild won't work).

Edit about UE: Also, when setting a preferred mount, it will say whether the new mount that was set is an epic or regular (such as new preferred epic ground: suchandsuch or new preferred regular flyer: soandso). And another edit, the mod is basically ready, just needs final testing and updating the readme/changelog, but I'm up way later then I should be since I need to get to training in the morning (see below) so I will release UE once I get home.

XPGain will be out within a couple days and should hopefully include an optional printout for reputation gains, though probably not with a window option for it (whereas experience and pet experience do currently).

HealthPercents will also hopefully be out within a couple days and will have the strata (how high up) the window is set to the bottom by default, so that it will be covered by bags and other such things rather then always being on top; however it will also have an option for setting how high up you would like it to be.


And lastly, my apologies for the lack of updates, I've been in an extended period of trying to get a job, and just recently have been hired, so I have been in that process and am currently in the training process now; as soon as things stabilize a bit more, updates should be back to being on a more regular basis.