06-02-10 01:21 AM by: EVmaker
Tomorrow will have the releases of the next version of Looter and Useful Extras.

The looter update will have the following new additions/changes:
* Add an item to the customer loot list by itemID as well as by name (/looter add itemID, or type the ID in the menu area for adding to the list)
* Option to close the loot window after anything that fits the current loot criteria is looted (versus closing it yourself by moving or what have you)
* Ability to change the right-click from reloading the UI to opening the config menu (left-click still opens the menu as it has before)
* An *use at your own risk* option that will delete anything from the loot window that doesn't meet your current looting criteria before closing it (useful for skinners, but again, use at your own risk, it does not take anything about the item into account besides if it meets a set loot criteria first)
* Dragonsyes added to the jewelcrafting loot list.
* 'Already being rolled on' bug fixed.

The useful extras update is simply another mount addition like the last one, including the Celestial Steed in the mount list.