08-29-10 01:43 PM by: EVmaker
Long delay in news I know, I have been very busy outside of WoW recently, I am however in the beta, and now that we have word that mods should be enabled again there soon I will work to make sure the mods that are still relevant (not EasyShards or SimpleViperWarning, although EasyShards might be redesigned) are working normally there.

I am going to test around to see the best way to release them for people that are in the beta to help test and find bugs if any, I am kind of adverse to creating another "mod" listing for the mods in the beta section as that's two places to keep track of instead of one. I currently am thinking of simply uploading the Beta compatible versions in the "Beta" section of the main mod, as the big "download" button will be for the live version.

As a last resort I could always simply host them on my webserver, but I'd prefer not to.