The latest looter update adds the ability to block looter from looting certain items, or loot by a certain quality or better, also fixed delete & close loot to be mutually exclusive.

Bar answers to the question below, there probably will not be another Looter version until the Cataclysm ready release which should include the couple outstanding "Being worked on" feature requests on the portal here.

Useful Extras will probably have another regular release before that too doesn't get any more updates until the Cataclysm ready release.

Also here's a question for anyone that may read this and use any of my mods.

There are a few projects that are on my todo list to get working on some mods (mainly Looter and Useful Extras), should I focus on the live wow side and get them working there, then move them over and make sure they work on the beta (ala cataclysm once its out), or should I focus on the beta so everything will be consolidated and working when cataclysm is released?

I am currently leaning towards the former, it's a little more work, but it would mean you would be able to be using them sooner rather then later (regardless of whether mmo theorizes cataclysm will be released in November sometime from personal experience I do not believe the beta is ready enough).

If anyone does read this, feel free to leave the answer on a comment on whichever mod of mine you might use the most, as I know you can't comment to these news posts themselves (would be nice).