Sorry about the delay in getting these updates out, I had a list of three things I wanted to get into the Useful Extras release, and then Looter simply updating all the profession lists for cataclysm materials, the UE changes kind of had me tinkering for awhile which delayed the Looter release.

That said, the next release of UE will have support for realID whispers for all the whisper commands, realID whispers are on the same 'allow friends' option in the menu, if there's interest I can make a separate option for them since realID is a level of trust above regular friend list.

UE's mounting/smart mounting has also been updated for flight license and flying in old world, plus seahorse for Vashj'ir (turtle in other swimming area if you have it, otherwise best ground mount). I wanted to get the support for druid forms/shaman wolf in, but that is going to take a fair bit more tinkering and I don't want to delay the release even more (also an update to the mount list for new Cataclysm mounts).

Looter will have the profession list updates for Cataclysm materials and a new profession toggle for Archaeology.