12-17-10 12:36 AM by: EVmaker
Already have a random mount option coded for Useful Extras, when the option is on, smart, ground or flying macros (or commands if run manually, or mount after gathering if from Looter, etc..) will randomly choose mounts rather then choose first available.

For example if using smart macro, it will still determine the best mount you can use for when you hit the button (in northrend and have a flyer and cold weather flight? in old world and have a flyer and flight license or don't have flight license? etc..) but will randomly choose a mount that fits what you can use from that rather then the first available.

Next on the list is fixing the bug caused by the api change so that the invite window doesn't go away when auto-accepting the invite, and then having the code be able to tell if the character inviting you is the toon of one of your realid friends.

And sorry to the archaeologists, after those I will get that working with Looter.

The next UE release will be in a couple hours. An option which when enabled will use random mount choosing for the ground/flying or smart mounting options is already complete, as well as accepting group invites etc.. being compatible with realid friends; also a fix for the group invite pop-up not going away after auto-accepted.

Next release will have support for druid forms/shaman ghost wolf depending on in combat or not etc.., but that will be after archaeology support for Looter.