10-18-14 01:00 AM by: EVmaker
I truly apoloize for the lack of updates, and reply, things have been hectic and I have been kept busy and away for a long while and I haven't been able to get the time to play WoW so I had canceled my subscription.

That said, I have renewed and I am getting Looter, UE and XPGain updated for any breaks that have happened, UE in particular has some pretty big ones with the major changes to the mount API in 6.0.

I'll keep this post edited with current progress.

Basic testing so far it doesn't appear Looter has broken, I need to get a wider sample of looted item types (particularly currencies) but everything so far seems to be working.

If that is so, I will just need to update the loot lists for current and missed content and release the next version.

All mount functionality (smart mounting, preferred mount, whispering to mount) is fixed and working, and consequently with the new APIs having a list of mounts is no longer necessary, so UE now can work with any mount without needing a new update when new mounts come out.

That said fixing the whisper part of things is taking a bit longer, particularly due to realID/battletag whispers. All the old guildies are not around and asking random strangers to keep whispering things on command only lasts so long, I'll probably be starting a "free" account for whispering myself to get them fixed quicker.

From testing so far, basic functionality appears to be working fine without an issue (the experience messages to chat), experience sharing between group members will likely be broken due to name-realm changes, will need to kidnap someone to test that part.

Also realized going over the code that I still had code in for pet experience gains (when pets leveled up on their own and weren't automatically whatever level the hunter is), so removed those bits as well.

If that is all that is not working there should be a new release with that fix soon as well.