08-02-18 03:51 PM by: EVmaker
XPGain has been updated for BFA (which oh boy did they make some big api changes in BFA) on both Curse and WoWI, there is a small bug with toggle status (slash command to see the status of toggles if not using the GUI), I'll have a fix for that out shortly.

Next on the update list is Useful Extras, I don't know if anyone but me still finds it useful, but it will be alot easier to fix the API changes that have broken for that in a quickish manner so it is available, then the API changes & loot changes for Looter which is next after that.

I may also throw a quick update in for SkillsPayBills in before Looter as well if the API changes can be tracked down without too much issue, I know there are a number of mods that do the same and are much more featureful (and have GUIs), but just being able to get a simple listing of tradeskill links for any character on any character regardless of if I'm using one of those kinds of mods has always been helpful to me.