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Mount after gathering not working?
Bug #: 6694
File: Looter
Date: 08-01-10 10:52 PM
By: EVmaker
Status: Fixed
Posted by metalmight on WoWI:
I have looter and useful extras installed and I have the checkbox checked for both to Auto Mount. I tried being on my mount and looting a mining node. It did not re-mount me. Am I doing something wrong? Is the auto mount feature working for everyone else?
The prior conversation can be read on the Useful Extras comments on WoWI (UE Comments).

I have been unable to reproduce it so far, testing with my miner, herbalist and skinner, all of have mounted normally after looting a node/skin.

Have asked metalmight on WoWI if they have the latest UE and Looter versions, and that they have indeed tried it with only those three loaded (the mod list they posted included LootFilter which could possibly cause a conflict with mount after gathering if it looted the item instead).

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By: metalmight - 08-05-10 05:31 PM
Yeah I tried it with only EMLib, Looter, and Useful Extras loaded and still no auto mount. Should I delete the savedvariables and if so what exact files should I delete?
By: EVmaker - 08-06-10 07:46 AM
I'd first try /looter reset and /ue reset, afterwords make sure the mount after gather is on in Looter, and whatever your gathering (like mining & misc profession if your mining)
By: metalmight - 08-07-10 09:19 AM
Did the /looter reset and /ue reset commands. Made sure mount after gather was on and everything is checked anyway (mining & misc profession).
By: metalmight - 08-14-10 01:08 PM
It's been over a week. I hope you get back on the site soon so we can continue working on this. Should I delete savedvariables?
By: metalmight - 08-21-10 11:42 AM
That's okay. I used dominoes to put a mount button toward the center of my screen but slightly to the right. Works fine to mount up again quickly.
By: EVmaker - 08-29-10 01:35 PM
Sorry about that, been very busy outside of WoW for the past month, though I have been trying my dangest to recreate the issue but on three computers with different mod combinations (but same latest version of UE, Looter and EMLib) I haven't been able too.

I am glad you found something that works for you though.
By: nex667 - 10-28-10 04:11 AM
I have the same problem on my wow.
-looter, ue and emlib activated and loaded
-"mount after gathering" in looter is activated
-"auto mounting" in ue is activated
-defined ground and flying mount in ue via /ue setflyer and /ue setground
-didn't move after gathering

-deactivated all other addons except addon control panel and still did not work
was leveling a new farmer so i could test it in the old world only.
By: EVmaker - 11-02-10 08:02 AM
Actually I do have an idea now what might be causing the issue thanks to a private message from DrGaunt (he was unable to post on the bug report):
Originally Posted by DrGaunt
Sorry to trouble you, I tried adding to the bug report on Looter, but the message seemed to vanish into limbo.

I have having the same problem with automounting as the others. The versions are current and I have tried the same steps with the same lack of success. Tinkering around however I did have something new happen.

When I checked "Mount after looting with the modifier down" and mined a node or picked an herb I got the error message: "<looter> You must have the Useful Extras mod to use mounting after looting."

To check if something was corrupt I un-installed and re-installed both addons and the same error occured. It seems that one or both addons are not communicating and/or recognizing the other.

Hope this helps as I have found them invaluable aids and greatly appreciate the time you've take to create and maintain them.
Looter might not be recognizing that UE is indeed loaded for some reason, like I said in my response to him I cannot check it right now as I am at work, but once I get home today I will be working to see if I can track it down and have it resolved soon.
By: bmccord - 11-10-10 10:04 AM
Any action on this? It's been about a week since the last message, and I'm having the same trouble. I've searched other places to see if I'm missing something, but this is the newest thread I've found. Any help would be great!

By: bmccord - 11-10-10 02:40 PM
I have figured out a solution that makes it work for me. It looks like it is a scope problem with the variables "Looter_hasUE" and "Looter_doMount".

They are both set to local. But, in functions they are always defaulting back to false. This means that if they are set true in one function, another function doesn't see that change. By taking the local designator off of both of them at lines 84 and 86, mine started working correctly.

There may be other local variable that need to have the local designator removed, but I'm not sure which they would be.

There may be another fix that is more correct, but this worked for me. I hope this helps track down the problem for the author.
By: EVmaker - 11-10-10 07:19 PM
Sorry that I hadn't gotten that fixed sooner, have had a round of issues going on, I had resolved the lack of finding Useful Extras in a much neater way then I had before which also negates the whole local issue for that, but I ran into another issue that I do believe the local on doMount that you posted here will help resolve, so thank you again and I should have the new version up by tommorrow.