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Mount after gathering not working
Bug #: 7748
File: Looter
Date: 09-02-12 11:04 AM
By: EVmaker
Status: Wont fix
Posted by Kittykatmax on WoWI:
I can't seem to get the mounting part to work. I have Useful Extras and Looter. I have "mount after gathering" checked in Looter and I have Auto Mounting turned on in Useful Extras.

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By: EVmaker - 09-02-12 11:05 AM
Hmm, I checked this over with gathering herbs and mining ore and I wasn't able to personally reproduce it, both would remount after gathering (don't currently have a skinner available to test that).

Useful Extras doesn't have to have any settings enabled (don't need to have automounting turned on if you don't want to use that), do you happen to have the mount after looting with modifier key down on, or just the mount after gathering?

Also if you happen to have lua errors enabled (and/or have an error mod like bugsack/bug grabber or swatter) does anything come up? Or does any message come up like 'interrupted'?

Creating this bug report here to keep this easier to track.
By: EVmaker - 09-02-12 11:13 AM
Also, it'll add a little extra spam while testing, but could you also do /looter debug and then gather, and tell me if it does say "Mountup Ran" after a gather?
By: kittykatmax - 09-02-12 03:27 PM
I rest UE and Looter, made sure Looter was set to "Mount after Gathering". Made sure "Mount after looting with Modifier" was unchecked (it doesn't tell you what the modifier is or how/when to use the modifier to make it work, so I wouldn't have checked it off in the first place and don't know how to test if that would work.

All I do is mount a flying mount, fly to an herb, right click on the herb to gather (which dismounts me). I have autoloot on. The herb is looted, and my toon is left standing there. No bugs in my bugsack for your addon.
By: kittykatmax - 09-02-12 03:27 PM
*reset UE and Looter. lol
By: EVmaker - 09-02-12 06:24 PM
Sorry that the modifier bit isn't more descriptive, basically if that is enabled then if your holding control/alt/shift when looting and the window is closed then it'll mount up after, if you didn't want to just always mount after.

As to the other bit, did anything happen to come up after gathering after typing /looter debug?
By: EVmaker - 09-02-12 07:11 PM
Issue is tracked down, now just to figure out what to do with it:
Originally Posted by kittykatmax
Just mount after gathering. I haven't tried it with the mount modifier option checked because I haven't seen any instructions, so I have no clue how to test that option vs. the other - WHICH modifier, and WHEN do you press it for it to do something? Right now, I fly to an herb node, right-click to gather (which dismounts me), the herb autoloots (I have autoloot on in the WoW ui anyway) and wind up just standing there until I manually mount.
That helped me track it down, Looter essentially disables itself when the blizzard autoloot is on (to prevent code from running and duplicating looting/running unecessary code), when I was testing things and was "autolooting everything" I was using the Looter way (blizzard autoloot off, Looter loot by value on with 0 0 0 for value, which makes Looter loot everything just like the blizzard autoloot).

There's two work arounds and a possible change for that.

Workaround #1 is if the blizzard autoloot is off, and Looter is set like above it'll function the same but mount after gather will work.

Workaround #2 is mount with modifier works regardless of blizzard autoloot setting, so if you hold control/alt/shift while gathering it'll mount afterwards.

Possible change is to take the blizzard autoloot check off the mount after gather part of the code. This part I'd personally prefer to keep the same, that way if blizzard autoloot is on then Looter is essentially off, but Looter can be set to autoloot all and thus also have mount gather ability; but on the same token it wouldn't add that much additional code running to just have the mount gather section still run if blizzard autoloot is on.
By: EVmaker - 09-02-12 07:16 PM
Ok scratch the part about it wouldn't add that much, the part that determines if it's a thing being gathered, or a corpse being looted, is part of the main looting function, so in order to have mount after gather itself work would either mean to still be running that (still have most of looter code running on a gather even with blizzard autoloot on) or to design a different method of determining what's being looted to use if blizzard autoloot is on.

Will wait to see what kittykatmax thinks, but I would prefer not to make those changes if workaround #1 would be ok.
By: kittykatmax - 09-04-12 07:30 AM
Turning off autoloot didn't fix it, it just meant I had to manually loot everything AND manually mount after gathering. I deleted Looter and concede defeat. Thanks for trying!
By: EVmaker - 09-04-12 12:17 PM
Really sorry I couldn't get that working for you, for now I'll close this ticket but I can open it anytime later if needed.