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Not working in instanced pvp situations
Bug #: 8818
File: PVP Timer
Date: 08-02-18 04:00 PM
By: EVmaker
Status: Unconfirmed
This bug report is 6 years old (horrible I know, and I apologize), I hadn't been notified of the comment when it was made, and I didn't think anyone had used PVP Timer besides the person I had originally coded it for (and the times where I haven't been playing WoW).

But from the comments on WoWI by twopro:
hey, i have this loaded. and as of today its not working in rbgs.

whats up with that? i have it loaded i type /pvptimer

nothing happens

- And a follow up comment by the same:

so they must of removed this addon? cause ever since last week it hasnt worked in arena or rbgs or reg bgs.

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By: EVmaker - 08-02-18 05:02 PM
This mod like all the others will be broken by BFA, but its on the list to fix now if I can reproduce the issue once the API changes are updated.

Not sure how easy it will be to fix the issue however, since the whole point of PVP Timer is to know when the 5 minute PVP Timer on a PVE server will expire, which will not happen in instanced PVP areas.

That said the window should still be able to come up regardless, so it will be looked into.