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Feature #: 3796
File: Useful Extras
Date: 09-09-09 02:47 PM
By: Thors Liebling
Status: Awaiting Feedback
Hi again,<br><br>I just had to laugh, when I read your newest post about a new addon of yours on your portal, because of the situation you described so realistic.<br>Also I like the way you write, maybe because I also tend to be a bit wordy <img smilieid="4" src="http://s.wowinterface.com/images/style_mmoi_wowi2/smilies/wink.gif" border="0"><br><br>So now finally, here is my feature request:<br>Would you please add some automated messages to Useful Extras? I am thinking of messages, saying:<br>* that my healer char is out of mana,<br>* that my char has aggro,<br>* that my char needs to drink or eat stat food,<br>* that my char would like to skin a dragon in an instance or pick a flower and therefore wants the group to wait a few seconds,<br>* that my char needs to change it's skill, which also takes about a minute.<br><br>Greetings from Germany and rememb er not to work too much <img smilieid="9" src="http://s.wowinterface.com/images/style_mmoi_wowi2/smilies/eek.gif" border="0"><br><br>Freydis (aka Thors Liebling) <img smilieid="12" src="http://s.wowinterface.com/images/style_mmoi_wowi2/smilies/banana.gif" border="0"><br><br><br><br><br>

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By: EVmaker - 09-10-09 01:43 PM
Hey there, and yeah I tend to be a bit wordy at times. Now by automated messages do you mean like ones that just get sent off based on certain circumstances (like the examples you gave), and if so I'm guessing on like party? Some of those are already there (like the low mana, except it's sent as a whisper to the current leader). Or do you mean more like a macro kind of thing that you would click on and have it say it? (like the that you have something to skin or gather) or have those specific examples be sent out when your actually doing the deed (skinning/gathering) or switching spec.