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Mounting options : Paladin & Hunter
Feature #: 3883
File: Useful Extras
Date: 11-03-09 03:34 PM
By: Apaseall
Status: Flagged for Future Version
Hi Ev,
I just noticed that if my paladin has the crusader aura up they will fly faster.
I wonder if an option to toggle auras for paladins would be possible.
I mean say I am wandering around unmounted with a devotion aura up. Then I loot something and auto mount. Whilst mounted change to crusader aura. When unmounted swop back to the previous aura, in this example devotion aura.
I think other classes have other movement enhancement options, like I know that hunters do.
What do you think ?

I use outfitter to change into my riding clothes which include mithril spurs.
Failing changes to useful extras do you know if it is possible to use outfitter to do what I am enquiring about ?
Thanks as always for these invaluable addons.

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By: EVmaker - 11-03-09 07:05 PM
Actually I do know exactly what your talking about and I have thought of adding an aura switcher for smart mounting for paladins, I might add that in for the next release which should be fairly soon as I have a rareish bug being fixed and another toggle option almost done. Other classes do have speed increases, but they are all static 'all the time' ones, not any that need to be changed like paladin auras (the non-talent hunter speed increase is non-mount only, ala aspect of the cheetah/pack, the talent is all the time on, same as dk on a pale horse or pally persuit of justice talents etc..)

To the spurs thing, that isn't really needed currently unless your char is level 70 or below, as of a patch awhile ago (I don't remember which) every means of gaining increased mounted speed besides talents (or class abilities like crusader aura) were limited to only level 70 or below (see wowhead for mithril spurs, carrot on a stick or Riding Crop for example)
By: Apaseall - 11-04-09 08:44 PM
Great thanks