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Various Ideas for Looter
Feature #: 4095
File: Looter
Date: 03-31-10 06:20 PM
By: EVmaker
Status: Flagged for Future Version
Originally posted by Anjalena via WoWI, as well as some ideas I was thinking of already/brought on by ideas from Anjalena.

Loot items by item ID as well as exact name. Implemented, will be in the next release. Main point that is being worked on right now is getting auto-removing (/looter remove with the item mouseovered) to remove an item from the custom loot list that was added manually with an item ID.

Use-at-your-own-risk option to loot & destroy any items that aren't looted by selective loot options (such as when skinning or looting with skinners nearby, or simply don't want to leave the "still loot on the corpse" sparkle on dead things); as well as "close the window after selective looting even if items are still on there" option. Will probably implement both, will also probably be a couple versions down the road however, at least for the use at your own risk one.

Option to disable/enable the profession options as a block rather then individually. Will probably have an option to click to disable all currently enabled professions, which will save what ones were enabled, which when clicking the enable professions option will then re-enable just the ones that were enabled before, or something along those lines. Will think on how best to implement, and actually code this a little down the road.

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By: EVmaker - 03-31-10 06:22 PM
Pretty much summed up above, hope to have a new release out with two current bugfixes (not yet on the portal) about dragonseye looting and the 'already being rolled on' message, as well as the loot by item ID, and possibly 'close loot window after looting just selected items' option within a couple days.

I am currently in the process of moving to a new place again, so it may not be for a little while, if it looks to be taking too long I will release the next version with just loot by item ID and the bugfixes.
By: EVmaker - 06-06-10 12:48 AM
Well as of the release a few minutes ago all the above are implemented except for the ability to 'turn off and remember', and 're-enable all remembered' loot options feature.

I will be working on getting that into the next version as well as the small fix for making close loot and delete loot options mutually exclusive in the menu/slash toggles.
By: EVmaker - 09-22-10 07:09 PM
Close Loot and Delete Loot are now mutually exclusive, you can only have one or the other selected or they will both unselect.

Will work on the remembering part next.