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Don't Loot
Feature #: 4207
File: Looter
Date: 09-08-10 06:30 PM
By: Anjalena
Status: Flagged for Future Version
Been a little while since I was on here. I do want to thank you for putting in those features I requested. =)

I didn't see a way to do this, but I'm farming AD rep in Strat and I came in with 25/96 items in my bags and I'm almost full and I'm still not far from the entrance. There are drops that are very common that I could add to a "Don't Loot" list, like Morning Glory Dew, Dried King Bolete, Nightcrawlers, etc, that would really help keep the clutter down in my bags and keep me from having to go through everything every 5 minutes and delete things individually. (wow that was a long sentence) I'm not sure of another way to exclude all the random things without adding them specifically to a Don't Loot list.

Also, having some tick boxes allowing a person to exclude certain classes and rarities would be nifty, I think. Like... excluding trash and common stuff (item rarities), and excluding consumables and armor (item classes), for example.

OH, one more idea... heh, sorry. Umm, how about a way to make a Temporary Custom List for both "Do Loot" and "Don't Loot" lists that would clear on logout (if you checked that option), or when you manually cleared it. That way I could set up that crazy "Don't Loot" list while I'm farming these old dungeons for rep, but when I'm done, I could clear that Temp list so 4 months from now, I don't have problems when I'm farming stuff for a lowbie friend, for example.

What do you think? ;)

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By: EVmaker - 09-22-10 01:52 PM
Some good ideas and also was recently suggested on the Looter comments as well.

I do definitely plan to add a "block list" or "don't loot list" that would be checked first on the items.

Now checkboxes for excluding classes of items like that, and temporary lists, those should be doable as well and I'll definitely check into those as well, but those might be for a little later down the road.
By: EVmaker - 09-22-10 04:06 PM
The block list is pretty much finished, just adding a couple finishing touches (like unblocking), it will be in the next release.
By: Anjalena - 09-24-10 12:50 PM
Wewt!! Thank you. =) *showers you with confetti, making a mess all over the floor* *grin* (dunno if you noticed, but my title under my avatar here on WoWInterface is "Mess-Maker". the head lady gave me that title a long while back and I'm proud to still have it.)