02-21-06 07:08 PM by: Satrina
Yes, I live! A few updates for you all:

- Fixed an error causing grief with the CastProgress addon menu entry

A few long promised changes!
- Block percentage is shown the same way as for dodge/parry/miss
- When fighting opponents that you get full blocks on, CM will estimate how much you blocked using that opponent's average hit
- When you select an opponent in the opponent list, the summary display changes to the amount of damage you've taken from that opponent
- Some performance optimisations

- Should not mess up MetaMap anymore - let me know if it does
- Added a UI memory in use module
- Added a friends online module

Chat Frame Extender
- You can now make Officer chat and channels sticky (so I can get rid of StickyChats =)
- You can set the fadeout time for each window's text
- Problems with Sky should be fixed now - let me know if you experience further problems

And now I disappear for a while pretty much. March is my absolute busiest time at work, so unless there is a critical problem needing fixing, I won't be doing any updates or new features until April.