03-02-06 12:50 AM by: Satrina
I've run out of rest XP.

Until further notice, I am no longer adding functionality to any of my addons. I simply do not have the time to spare for addon development between work, other commitments, and squeezing in whatever playtime in WoW that I can. For as long as I am still playing WoW, I will be keeping most of them* current and fixing them when API changes break them, but that's it. I will no longer be submitting updates to wowinterface or worldofwar. You will be able to find updates at http://evilempireguild.org/ui

If anyone is interested in taking ownership of any of them, feel free to email me ([email protected]).

*I am completely discontinuing even maintenance on HealTracker. I don't personally use it anymore and am not inclined to spend any time on it from here on.