04-11-07 06:20 AM by: Satrina
I am currently testing it in my own tanking as a sanity check before putting it out for beta test. I'm a bit behind the schedule I wanted, so look for that probably next week.

New release of Buff Frames is coming soon as well, with a few new features people have asked for. I have also split the configuration into a separate addon that is only loaded when you use it. Saves a little bit of memory when you have everything set up the way you want it.

Unit Frames are still in beta, a bit by the wayside between CM2 and Buff Frames. An update will be coming soonish for more beta testing for those who like them.

I haven't forgotten about StatusWindow! StatusWindow 2 is currently StatusWindow fixed up for WoW 2.0 and nothing more. I have some nifty plans for it, but they're coming after CM2 is done. I'll release it as-is next week since it's very stable.