11-13-07 03:43 AM by: Satrina
Chat Frame Extender 2.0.5 updated TOC only for the patch.
Satrina Buff Frames 2.7.1 updated TOC only for the patch.

Satrina Unit Frames 2.1.0 got a memory leak fixed, and a small fix to accomodate a change in the addon system. All 6 of you that use it, make sure you download!

CastProgress got some loving and is now 2.2.0! You can, if you want, define up to 12 CastProgresses for whatever units you want. You can turn off the player CP if you want the bar and just have CPs for some other units. More details on the download page

Okay, SBF isn't coming into the patch without any changes, like any of you thought it would! This week, SBF 2.8RC1 will go up:

** Now with SharedMedia Library. All the status bar textures, fonts, and sounds that are shared are available to SBF. You can make stuff coordinate and match to your heart's content.

** Now with bars! Configurable, colourable, changeable, arrangeable. Check it out:
http://evilempireguild.org/misc/sbfpeek.jpg (using Charcoal status bar texture via SharedMedia, and no timer for the bars)

** A few new filter options, plus a bit of tweaking
** Always Warn/Show in Buff Frame/Do not show all overhauled in the GUI (in the Spells tab) for easier interaction
** Temporary weapon enchantments appear just as any other buff now. No more special frame unless you want one (a filter for moving temp enchants is new as well)
** Copy From dropdown, to copy all settings from another frame you've set up

And, for those who have very, very, patiently waited...

If you happened to look at http://evilempireguild.org/misc/satui_nov07.jpg, you might think to yourself that the bar underneath Omen looks a lot like StatusWindow. Even though it has icons. You might be correct...

StatusWindow 2 beta - coming very soon! =)