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Crafting & BGs Windows
Bug #: 6716
File: AI-Art
Date: 08-20-10 12:29 AM
By: Meebsy
Status: Confirmed (Working on Fix)
Back again with more niggles.
First ones is the Jewelcrafting window.

Second is the First Aid window.

Third is the Cooking window.

And lastly is the Battlegrounds window.

All using v3.4.51 on WotLK.
Not sure if you've done a pass over the Professions windows yet but looking at the same problem on 3 of them I'd assume you haven't yet.
Problem with the Battlegrounds one is that the buttons don't line up with their original placements.

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By: Quokka - 08-20-10 12:55 AM
Professions are not done.
Battlegrounds, not lining up is normal because the buttons are my new once and the battlegrounds are not done. this might be fixed in the next update