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AI-Art possibly conflicting with Blizzard archaeology shovels on minimap
Bug #: 7103
File: AI-Art
Date: 12-12-10 09:18 PM
By: kaltoran
Status: Unconfirmed
Hi there, thought id let you know that when running AI-Art i have found that i can not see the archaeology shovels or highlighted areas at all... i have a clean version of wow also backed up for bug testing purposes, and having installed AI-Art on this backup, i noticed the same problem with no other mods or mod configs present... hope this helps some, would hate to have to stop using AI-Art because it is simply one of the BEST mods (for lack of a better word) getting around atm :) Keep up the great work :)

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By: Quokka - 12-12-10 11:24 PM
Not 100% sure that it's AI-Art, since they tend to show up.
I think it's a game related thing.