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Minimalist DK UI
Feature #: 2912
File: RuneWatch
Date: 09-29-08 10:21 AM
By: Scraps232
Status: Under Review
Hi Voorije,

RuneWatch is a great mod. The interface options currently available in version I tried this past weekend are the 'Full' and 'Compact' version. I played with it a bit and wanted to make some tweaks.

1. I found it easier to keep track of the targets diseases by watching their unitframe, which I am watching anyway. I couldn't see how to disable the disease monitor, so I removed the call for it in the XML completely.

2. The rune graphics you have created look awesome, however I was interested in something much more simple. I created some basic single color rune graphics to use and implemented them in a new skin.

3. In a standard competitive UI, for raiding or PvP, most players are looking to balance a ton of information on their screen. For DKs, this is rune cooldown and runic power in addition to the standards of scrolling combat text, ability cooldown bars, buff and debuff bars, activated abilities and their action bars. Personally, I find having these closer to the center of the screen is desirable, so I am looking to have them as small and as efficient as possible. Anything that needs to be farther from the focused center part of my vision will benefit from having a visual indicator that can be gained without a direct look.

4. The Compact skin shows just an orange number for runic power, which isn't easy to see at a glance. If the orb that the number sits in was designed to fill up as your runic power goes up, it might work very well, and actually look quite awesome. It would be great to have the ability to change this font, color and size.

5. The Runic Power on the 'Full' Skin is amazing-looking, but also takes up a ton of space as well. I worked on some of the files to make a smaller, easier to see bar at a glance or with peripheral vision, as well as changed the runic power number and put it on the middle of the runic power bar, where it makes sense to be.

6. Here is a crappy screenshot of the modified UI in action, I modified your files to create a new skin to manage these settings.


I am only using notepad and Paint Shop Pro 7 to make all of these changes. What programs would you recommend to use for manipulating the XML and LUA code for addons such as these? I am learning more about these languages/technology and interested in knowing more.

Thanks for everything.


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By: Scraps232 - 09-29-08 10:02 PM
Here's a better picture of the ui currently. The problem I am having is shortening the runic power bar. I don't know how to resize it. I would like to resize the TGA files themselves, but I don't know how and where to modify the code for the skin.

Ultimately I would like to trim off the extra wingtips of runic power in this screenshot, then it would be the perfect mod for me.

Here is a screenshot of what I'm trying to change:

Here is a screenshot of the clean ui, doublesize for clarity:
By: Voorije - 09-30-08 05:44 PM
Just so you know, a minimalist theme is in the concept phase, it's something i wanted to make, just havent wrapped my head around what it should look like yet.

Additionally, the disease tracker will be enable/disable friendly soon.
By: Scraps232 - 10-03-08 09:37 AM
What programs would you recommend to use for manipulating the XML and LUA code for addons such as these? I am learning more about these languages/technology and interested in knowing more.

I would also like to help be able to create skins for your mod and contribute, and I willing to teach myself enough to do so.
By: Voorije - 10-04-08 06:48 PM
Unfortunately, I've noticed a small bug in my api for skins, it's not ready to be pluggable quite yet.

This will be fixed within the next couple builds for sure.

For editing xml/lua i use Notepad++
By: Scraps232 - 10-08-08 09:38 PM
Any suggestions on how to reduce the size of the bar itself? Should I just make a smaller, resized 3 images and use the alpha channels to block out the area of the filled bar?