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Nameplate Health Text shows 0% before unit is dead
Bug #: 5132
File: Aloft
Date: 11-11-08 05:42 PM
By: Gnarfoz
Status: Fixed
During your conversion from MobHealth to just plain UnitHealthMax() usage, you must have somewhere used a floor() call instead of ceil(). Can't find it, but that's what must be the problem:

Units that have less than 1% but more than 0% (i.e. 0.9%) health will show as 0% even though they're not dead, yet.

Previously, that would show as 1%.

math.ceil(UnitHealth(unit) / UnitHealthMax(unit) * 100) should be the simplest implementation of "unit hp in percent", to explain what I'm talking about. ;)

ceil() would turn 0.1 into 1, floor() would turn 0.9 into 0.
The latter is happening. ^^

I hope I'm making sense at all. :D

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By: acapela - 11-11-08 07:57 PM
yeah, for "[HealthFraction]", this could well be the case. i could see how for a boss with a huge amount of health, reaching "0%" could happen well before the boss is anywhere actually on the point of death (could have quite a few HPs left).

Aloft actually doesn't use UnitHealth() / UnitHealthMax(). one reason is that Aloft doesn't always have a unitid to use to drive those functions (i.e. in a multi-target/AOE situation), and another reason is that (now, in 3.0.2+) the the Blizzard StatusBar object that comprises the health bar in the underlying/default Blizzard nameplate "correct" health values in it, and Aloft just uses those (posted via the "OnValueChanged" event handler and gathered via StatusBar:GetMinMaxValues(), which is all a lot easier and more efficient that a health estimation addon).

but Aloft does calculate fractional health itself, from these values... so i will go make certain that ceil() is used properly in that calculation, just as you suggest.