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Health bar locked position
Feature #: 3646
File: Aloft
Date: 07-05-09 03:05 PM
By: ninza
Status: Feature not possible
Is it possible to add option which would lock health bars, so that those bars wouldn't try to find "optimal" place to be. Problem is when there are a lot of people around, those bars will jump around wildly. I like healing in battlegrounds by picking people clicking on name plates, but it's very difficult when there are too much people.

"Enable overlapping nameplates" options for example.

Thanks :)

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By: acapela - 08-22-09 08:44 AM
sorry for the delay in responding.

unfortunately no. this tiling or clustering or "packing" behavior is under Blizzard control. they manage the placement of nameplates, Aloft just adjusts their appearance (and adds extra features, like mana-bars/threat-bars/custom text, and etc, by attaching things to the Blizzard nameplate).

this tiling/clustering/"packing" behavior is discussed in the Aloft FAQ, along with a suggested workaround or two that may help at least reduce the problem.

as well, i have experimented with large negative values for Aloft's "packing" options, but they affect mouse sensitivity quite a bit (click targeting rapidly becomes impossible). it is as if Blizzard expects the nameplate to appear at or near a certain magic location on the screen, and if the visible nameplate graphics get moved too far away from that magic location, they feel free to ignore the mouse.