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Set Bar Color for mobs tanked by other designated tanks
Feature #: 3676
File: Aloft
Date: 07-30-09 11:29 AM
By: Earanduin
Status: Awaiting Feedback
Given that other addons have the ability to pull data from either oRa2 or CTraid to obtain a list of those designated as tanks (i.e. in the MT window), it would be nice to be able to colour code nameplates for those mobs that are currently being tanked by other tanks. This certainly has it's advantages in heavy AoE environments -- if a nameplate is red then none of the tanks have it under control.

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By: acapela - 08-22-09 09:01 AM
sorry for the delay in responding.

this should be possible, but with a very clear limitation: it would only be possible for targets marked with a raid target assignment (icon), which begs the question: in that case, wouldn't a nameplate color be redundant?


group tanks (as designated via Ora2/CTRaid) will be in the group, and therefore will have unitids, so querying their targets for various useful bits of information should be possible.

the trick is associating a specific nameplate (possibly one out of many with the same unit name and level) with a specific unit (as designated by a target unitid). the only way i have found to do that is to look for a raid target assignment (via GetRaidTargetIndex()), followed by looking for a visible graphic for the same icon on nearby/visible nameplates.

without that icon, i have no guaranteed way to know which nameplate is which (everything else available on the nameplate itself is generic, and could theoretically belong to any unit).

so i guess what i would have to do is give you a way to color code raid target assignments (icons). as above, the question then becomes: given that icons are required to begin with, wouldn't icons be enough by themselves? i.e. tell tank#3 to attack the clover leaf (instead of the magenta nameplate)?

anyway, i will add this to my TODO (it would not hurt anything to implement it, but it might be at a low priority). if you see this and can provide feedback, let me know whether this is overkill.