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(special) Buffs / Debuffs on Nameplates
Feature #: 4145
File: Aloft
Date: 06-13-10 04:02 PM
By: Owndin
Status: Flagged for Future Version
Hi, first I want to say I'm a big fan of aloft and its a really nice addon!

I found a pretty nice feature in Tidy Plates, to show your debuffs on enemy nameplates (e.g. Mortal Strike, Rend etc.)

But the problem with tidy plates in general is, that its not very easy to edit if you dont have a clue in LUA...

So I was thinking if you could implement such a feature into aloft?

Especially a feature to show certain "important" buffs and if possible even the duration on enemy unit frames.

If you know the Addon "Gladius" there is this feature on the class icons, if a Paladin for example uses his divine shield, his classicons changes into the divine shield icon with its duration counting down.

example screenshot from the gladius addon


I think the best filter for the buffs would be, if there is an option where you can checkmark the debuffs you want to "track" from a List of debuffs.
Since you dont want to track every spell, only really special or important ones...

I photshoped a screenshot of my nameplates to show you what I was thinking of.
In this screenshot you would see a Hunter who used Divine shield. (I know that hunters cant use pala bubble but its just to show you what I mean)

The Positioning and size of the icon should be edit able, like everything else in aloft (which is great btw :) )

The other feature would be to track your own debuffs as mentioned above....

I was thinking of something almost identical to the Buffs feature.... although for me personally the "buff feature" is more important.

I hope I was kinda clear what i suggest here, if I knew a bit more about LUA and writing addons I would have tried to implement it myself, but I guess im just to bad.

So I hope to hear a response soon, if this is possible to do, and if you plan to implement it or not.

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By: acapela - 06-14-10 01:01 PM
this has been on the Aloft TODO for quite a while, and it is possible that it will be impemented in some form at some point (and detailed feature requests like this one will help guide that implementation).

but a lot of this, at least in a general form, has been added (to the addon space) recently by the PlateBuffs addon. it requires a mouseover (which presumably should not be required, at least for friendly groupmembers and arena targets), but everything else seems to be there: whitelists, blacklists, timers (fully maintained on the current target, and refreshed on mouseover on everything else), full size/placement capabilities, and it works with all forms of nameplate.
By: Owndin - 06-14-10 04:03 PM
hi and first of all thanks for the fast reply!

I tried the Platebuffs addon, and i really love it, thanks for showing it!!

Big Fan of you thanks very much !