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Lag time
Bug #: 8266
File: _Cursor
Date: 12-26-14 02:05 PM
By: Outlandish
Status: Unconfirmed
This isn't really a bug in my opinion, but when you hold the right click button for more than 2 seconds, the particle pattern takes some time to reappear. If you hold it longer than 3 seconds, it takes a tad bit longer. If you move while holding the right click button, it takes even longer the particle pattern to reappear.

Personally I've only used this for a day and I love it! No questions asked because there is NOTHING worse than having an issue finding your cursor when it matches or fades in where you can't see it! Again, personally this isn't a bug to me but would be highly beneficial to myself, other players, and yourself for personal reasons! Lol I know myself, I like it when people download things I've created. It feels like you've just conquered a nation such as the movie, "Troy."