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Bug, or perhaps just mis-feature
Bug #: 8308
File: All Your Base
Date: 03-11-15 10:16 PM
By: Barleduq
Status: Not a Bug
Having logged back and forth among my toons, I have 'garrison reports' from Level 90 toons that are not yet in Draenor, and do not have a garrison. Including one I haven't logged in to since downloading All Your Base. It's cute that you went and found all my L90 toons from my account information (yes, I do know it's in the files on my computer, not that you did anything with my account on Blizz's side), but maybe you want to check to see if they've gone into Draenor at all before using their name.

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By: Recompense - 03-13-15 09:15 PM
You're right, this is not a bug. The idea is that any of your alts could potentially report out. If you don't want this to happen, use the Settings menu to delete their information from the addon, and then disable the addon on those characters.
By: Recompense - 03-13-15 09:16 PM
I know that would disable you getting any reports on those characters though, but right now that's the only way to eliminate that information from the report.